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Faster And Simplified Point Of Sale With The Upgraded ePaisa 2.0

Wednesday, July 15, 2015:  Fresh in the app stores and ready to download, ePaisa introduces an upgrade to its powerful point of sale system with version 2.0. It’s an update packed with mind-blowing features that further simplifies the much complicated business of buying and selling. This version also features a beautiful new design that’s crisper and bolder.

“Each and every platform update we offer is directly tied to our customer’s feedback,” said Siddharth Arora, CEO of ePaisa™. “Our DNA is to make commerce easier for our customers and enable them to run a smarter business. With ePaisa™ 2.0, businesses get more power packed features and reduced transaction processing time.”

So what’s new in ePaisa 2.0?

New card reader:

A new card reader making your card payment process smoother and faster.

New design:

A beautiful layout which is ready for the big screen that supports both the landscape and portrait views on Smart phones and Tablets.

An improved product library that lets you fit more products in the form of packages and presents it in a list or grid view

New features:

A simplified sign-in process that allows multiple users to log in to the same app, so that any of your team members can now process transactions through one device. It also lets managers lock in the access rights to specific app features. Don’t want your team messing around with the settings? No problem! We have you covered.

Simplified inventory management. We have reworked the entire inventory management system to make it simpler, faster and more intuitive.

Bon Jour! Ola! Hola! Guten Tag! ePaisa now supports 4 new languages taking our count to 36!

These features are important to merchants like Robin Jha, owner of Tpot Cafe, a popular coffee shop in New Delhi. “I love it!”, he says, “ePaisa keeps raising the bar for point-of-sale transactions. The new update looks great and it’s now easier to simply sign-in and start accepting payments.”

In today’s fast paced life, where every second counts, time consuming transaction process could lead to the loss of sales and potential customers. ePaisa™ 2.0 has been designed keeping in view the problems businesses face while processing a transaction.

Updated on: 03/11/2023

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