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Why won't my ePaisa Card Reader read swiped cards?

If your ePaisa card reader isn't working properly, try the following tips:

Make sure the ePaisa app is synced with your reader via Bluetooth or your device won't be able to detect the reader.
Try reconnecting the card reader by forgetting the device on Bluetooth settings and pairing with your device again.
Uninstall the ePaisa app from your device and reinstall. See Apple's support site and Google's support site for instructions.
Wipe the metal connector with a cloth. Residue can collect and prevent the reader from making a proper connection.
Clear debris from the card reader slot with a card reader cleaning card or a paper towel folded over multiple times.
Make sure you're using a supported device. We cannot guarantee full compatibility on a device that is not supported.

If you think your reader is broken, you can request a new reader by contacting our support staff.

Updated on: 03/11/2023

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